Price Comparison: Photo Scanning Services

April 1, 2021

Cost is often a major factor when deciding how to digitise your photo collection, in this blog post we've compared typical costs of photo scanning services against renting an auto-feed scanner.

At Envio Rentals our customers typically scan 3500 photos in their 3-day rental, so we've used this number of scans as a base line for the price comparison. Pricing data was collected in early April 2021 directly from UK based photo scanning services.

We obtained quotes from 6 photo scanning service providers, to scan 3500 4x6 photos. The table below shows the quoted cost per scan and the total for 3500 photos. The quoted cost per scan varied from 9p to 20p per scan. It's important to point out that some providers would scan photos to higher DPI levels, however all quotes provided scans of at least 300 DPI (plenty for reprinting at similar size).

Cost per scan from various scanning services

Based on the average cost per scan of 16p, the below table shows an approximate cost saving one can achieve by renting an auto-feed scanner.

Approximate cost savings

As you can see in the tables, the more photos you have to scan the larger the saving. With no need to risk sending your photos in the post, renting an easy to use auto-feed scanner is a popular alternative to using a photo scanning service. Have a read of our reviews here.