World E-Waste Day

October 19, 2023
The amount of electrical waste produced each year is astonishing and International E-Waste Day, last weekend, is raising awareness.  To celebrate the initiative we’re offering 20% Off all rental bookings made in October, use voucher code: EWASTE23

Only 17.4% of global e-waste is currently recycled, with the rest being lost to landfill, incineration or simply being stored in drawers, attics and garages. In the UK we produce 23.9kg per person per year and we are the second highest producer of e-waste in the world.

Fast Tech is the new fast fashion, Small electricals that are cheap to buy and easy to throw away are becoming the fastest growing e-waste, over 260 million disposable vapes were thrown away last year.

Remember the Furby?

Furby was a popular and iconic electronic toy that was first introduced by Tiger Electronics in 1998. It quickly became a sensation and a must-have toy, particularly among children and collectors. One amusing aspect of Furby toys is their tendency to "come to life" unexpectedly, often at odd hours. If you've ever had a Furby, you may have experienced the eerie sensation of it suddenly waking up in the middle of the night and making noise, even when you thought it was switched off. This unexpected activation has been the source of countless humorous anecdotes among Furby owners. 58 million Furbys were sold and you don't need to take a wild guess on where more than a few of them ended up.